Do Si Do

TRO Dosido

Do-Si-Do is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the potent GSC (f.k.a. Girl Scout Cookies) with Face Off OG.

Taste: Sweet addicting minty flavor with undertones of nuts and a smooth inhale followed by a floral exhale.

Feeling:  Body buzz that tends to eliminate mild aches and pains while simultaneously improving mood and creating lethargy.  Recommended in the evening or at night to help with insomnia or enjoy its ability to relieve anxiousness or pain.

Appearance: Olive green buds with glittering trichomes, bright amber pistils and hues of purple spread throughout the flower.

Thc: 28.8 and 26.8

Lemon Sour Diesel

Lemon Sour Diesel is a Sativa dominant hybrid created by crossing California Sour and Lost Coast OG.  LSD was in the Top Ten at the Emerald Cup in 2010.

Taste:  Fruity and sweet with intense lemon and hints of pepper.

Feeling:  Uplifting, focused, and creative,  effective at relieving pain, making it a favorite for users who need to be active during the day.

Appearance: Dense nugs with fiery, orange hairs covering the flower

Thc:  16.4


Pineapple is an almost pure Sativa true to its Hawaiian heritage.

Taste:  Taste of apple and mango, with fresh pineapple, pine and cedar.

Feeling:  Long lasting energetic buzz perfect for productive afternoons and creative escapes.

Appearance: Dense nugs with fiery, orange hairs covering the flower

Thc: 19.3


Jager is an Indica dominant strain named after the dark alcoholic beverage from Germany. Little is known about its genetics but some suspect it was bred and popularized right here in Southern Oregon.

Taste:  Sweet black licorice with notes of wood, lemon and pine.

Feeling:  Relaxation and introspective tendencies. Sedation won’t necessarily occur, but evening use is recommended.

Appearance: Buds are tapered with vibrant purple undertones and orange hairs.

Thc: 22.5

Blue City Diesel

TRO Blue City Diesel

Blue City Diesel is a cross between the Indica dominant Blueberry strain and the Sativa dominant NYC Diesel strain.  As a result it is a hybrid strain with a moderate dominance on the Indica side.

Taste:  Clear hints of blueberry and citrus and even a dash of cotton candy.

Feeling:  Fast acting and will leave users feeling relaxed and happy, with a mood elevating euphoria proving quite enjoyable. Moderate to long-lasting body buzz.

Appearance: The nuggets are less green in color, looking more blue and purple, covered generously in burnt orange pistils.

Thc:  19.5